I'm Pablo de Castro, a Data Scientist and Software Engineer, born in Cantabria (Spain) and formally trained as a physicist and as a scientific researcher at the University of Cantabria (BSc, MSc) and the University of Padua (PhD).

After I completed and defended my PhD thesis in 2019, focussed on the development and application of new machine learning techniques and data-analysis pipelines to increase the discovery potential of the LHC experiments at CERN, I decided to transition to a role in industry.

I initially worked for a medium-sized technological consultancy company, where I eventually led the ideation, design and implementation of solutions in the context of several data and machine learning projects both for commercial clients and European R&D projects.

During this very formative period I also started collaborating part-time with a small climate-tech start-up, until 2022, when I decided to take on full-time role in this start-up leading and coordinating the product and engineering efforts through a strategic pivot.

At the moment, I am taking some time to explore and experiment with a few personal projects, but I am open to part-time consulting and hearing about new opportunities where we could collaborate. Please contact me via Twitter, LinkedIn or Email if you think that is the case.